The last day of China trip

         I went to China with American students, and I met some Germany students in China too.

Through their eyes I found some different point of view about China. Also, I figured out many “do and don’t” in China, or in Shanghai. This international visit changed my capacity to communicate across cultures, build my understanding of the business environment and economy in China. At the same time, I developed my understanding of the cultural, value, and business operations in shanghai. The planning urban development, public transportation system and online civil service system impressed me as well.

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China Snack

China has more than 960 thousand square kilometers. There are several tens provinces and municipalities in China and there are so many different kinds of native specialties, snacks, local cuisine in every region. We introduce you to all kinds of Chinese food from North to South, East to West. Chinese cuisine is one of the greatest methods of cooking. Many elements that have influenced its development. The Chinese people enjoy eating good food at all levels of society so cooking has developed into a very sophisticated art. Therefor, Come on with us, let’s enjoy these delicious native specialties, snacks and local cuisine.

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The cultural differences between China and the United States 6

The US negotiators will care about Chinese hospitality. This hospitable way American negotiators act is too extravagant. Americans are equal hospitality, does not give preferential treatment to our guests. This hospitable way makes it easy for Chinese negotiators that the US is not friendly. This will enable understanding of the different parties to trust each other and could lead directly to a resultless negotiation.

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The cultural differences between China and the United States 5

In order to maintain good interpersonal relationships, Chinese negotiators are more willing to adopt a non-confrontational and non-conflict approach to solve the problem. Even if you do not agree with each other’s opinions are rarely directly rejected or contradiction, but rather convoluted way to present its opinion. American negotiators are sought to clarify his views, language direct, a black-and-white, aggressive and well argued. American negotiators this straightforward expression will hurt the pride of the Chinese people, because they do not give your face. The Chinese negotiator euphemistic expression is not adapted to the Americans, because he cannot truly understand China’s attitude.

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The cultural differences between China and the United States 4

Values differences. The difference in values is mainly reflected in the opposition between individualism and collectivism. Chinese people’s core value is collectivism that it considered the harmonious interpersonal relationships are the foundation of society. Chinese treasures and attaches great importance to specific collective interests or value. The core of American cultural values, that is, the individualist individual-based philosophy of life. Its main elements are the belief that individual value, attaches great importance to personal freedom, and the emphasis on individual self control and self control and self development. China is a “collective” as the value of the country and advocate groups value higher than the value of the individual, the individual as a member of the collective. Emphasize the individual and the collective of “harmony”, emphasizes individual social obligations and responsibilities, emphasizing the strength of the collective and individual constraints. Such collectivism in business activities in the interests of individuals subject to the collective interests, corporate interests to national interests; in order to keep with the Group has been able to sacrifice their own submerged; personal achievement is the result of the collective members of the joint efforts and help, should share with the group. In order to emphasize the collective, often use collective personal pronoun “we”, “our schools” rather than individual personal pronoun “I” and “my school”. “This kind of individual, individuality and culture features caused a verbal communication unique courtesy.” Who dinner always said “craft, food, please include” other people’s sincere praise often say “where, where, far.” The interpersonal contacts, the Chinese people are very considerate of others, ask questions, cold and warm hearts, dedicated. In the communication on the concept of “Privacy” was very unimpressed. Family, marriage, children, work, income, etc. ask you on each other’s concerns.

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The cultural differences between China and the United States 3

The ways of thinking. The main differences in thinking ways are reflected in the overall thinking and individual thinking of opposition. Americans focus on the individual way of thinking, it put the complex things broken down into simple elements, a case-by-case basis. Because of the beauty in the way of thinking, the Chinese negotiators tend to adopt a horizontal negotiations, that the negotiations should cover issues of horizontal spread to several issues discussed at the same time, progress, and then at the same time forward, until all of the issues resolved; Americans tend to take a clear longitudinal talks on the issues involved in negotiations, the provisions on one end, this article does not solve, it’s not about the second.

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The cultural differences between China and the United States 2

The customs of the differences. Customs mainly consists of a number of social activities. Chinese people in everyday life and work of thin skin, very concerned about their image in the eyes of others, for fear of being jokes, gossip and misunderstanding. Americans are more practical, and will not be too concerned about someone else’s point of view. Americans and people will not ask for someone’s age, income, marital, etc, that violates the privacy rights of others; but in China they often asked about the content. Americans like to freely express their point of view; China is a euphemism meaning presentation. Americans once asked something, one of the more general must give a clear answer. Chinese people advocate “silence is golden”. Common in the United States to meet the elders and younger people are shot shoulders, Kiss, but in China almost rare that such a scenario. Americans very punctual and Chinese people often can understand a reason for being late. For example, in the banquet, friends fight over payment. In many lifestyle differences between China and the United States is still very clear.

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The cultural differences between China and the United States 1

Language and nonverbal behavior differences. China has a long tradition of etiquette, words which are embodied in the humble King. To hear praise, Chinese people generally use the term to represent him humble. Chinese people in conversation must use the suffix to each other. Americans pay attention to equality, in the United States Junior can call the elders and the boss’s name. For the compliment, Americans will be grateful to receive praise. Non-verbal behavior, only the following two cases cited is evident: (1) glued to. The Chinese people to express curiosity or surprise, Americans believe that it is not polite, make awkward behavior. (2) to be called, palm upwards, oscillation index finger and clenched fists. Chinese repugnance, Americans call this represents over others.

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Fudan University

I met my roommate before who is study in Shanghai now. We went to Wujiaochang which located at the northeast of Shanghai. Several famous Universities headquartered there. Quite different from U.S., Chinese University usually like a city and most of the students live on campus or just around there. Some companies choose to headquarter besides universities.

A friend of mine occurred to be at Fudan University that day and I just dropped by. It’s not my first time to go to Fudan, however I still got some fresh feelings. My friend told me the bouleuterion in Fudan is the tallest building in University all over the world which is really ridiculous. I always believe that a university should not just have brilliant buildings. The much more important thing for a university should be great masters. When we walk around the campus area, she told me that the High School Affiliated to Fudan University will soon be founded for 50 years and there will a grand ceremony then. She said another words about that high school, this high school is even better than Fudan in some way. What’s wrong with the universities in China?

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Traditional Chinese goods market! I love shopping, however I felt uncomfortable in such a hot weather shopping open ground.

The little souvenirs and fine snacks are really attractive at Yuyuan plaza, or we can call it Town God’s Temple. In the past, this place acts like a market for residents to exchange their staff and watch some shows. Nowadays, it’s a slight spot actually. Many outsiders came here to buy the souvenirs and try the local snacks of Shanghai. I’ve here numerous times, and this time my purpose is just as the same as those outsiders—to buy something special.

I don’t have any patient to enjoy the ancient constructions here because it is really hot in summer. While the buildings here are worth to see if you wanna see what ancient Chinese constructions look like. Pavilions, terraces and towers represent a view of town at south of Yangtze River. Especially there is a private garden located there which call Yuyuan Garden. The name of Yuyuan plaza just came from this garden.

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